Monday, March 11, 2013

Vocab Blog Unit 7

When we arrived at practice on Monday the first thing our coach said to us was we had a renegade on our team. We were all so confused until he told us one of our forwards quit our team and went to our biggest rivals team, OP Eagles. As soon as he said that our team broke out in vociferous chaos we didnt get it, why would she do that to us? The news left us extremly somber and upset. Our coach was an extreme martinet so this did not make him happy. He told us she was going to text us and discern the truth to us why she left, but we absolutly abhored her now so there was no point in her trying to talk to us. Later we dound out her college coach had a big implicate in her decision. Now that she was off the team we had to inter our feelings and not let them affect us anymore. Also, we would have to amend our line-up so we would come out as strong as possible and even better than before.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Unit 6 Vocab Blog

Prom was arriving very soon. Although it was at an inoppertune time for me considering I will have soccer games all weekend I was still excited. I did find solace when my coach told me that prom day our game was in the morning.  My dress hunt this year did not go very well it was ironic that the store I walked in had a musty smell and all the dresses inside were all old and out dated. I decided to have  my mom make my dress this year. Before she started on it we premeditated exactly how she was going to make it. It was comprised of silk fabric and jewels. She had to sew it together carefully with deft fingers. I was impressed by the stately process she finished the dress with. When the dress was finally done I was so happy. It was like reaching the pinnacle of success for my mom when she finally finished it. The last thing I needed to do before prom was venal someone in my group into asking my best friend so we could be together.

Unit 5 Vocab Blog

It was one week untill spring break. In order to get ready my parents handed me a chore list. I was discrepant against the list because I was mad my brother didnt have to help. Next thing I know they changed it so my brother and I were both forced to assent to my parents chore list. We not only completed the list, but were praised for our chlvalrous act of cleaning the whole house. Next, my brother was begging to bring a friend along on our cruise. The friend he wanted to bring never really talked much because he was diffident. When he would join in a conversation we would all be impressed with his facile use of unusual words considering he rarely ever talked. It was finally the day we started our drive to florida. When we arrived and got out of the car the pungent smell of the ocean just got me even more excited. The moment was finally here, as soon as all the passengers embarked, the cruise ship was on its way. The best part was laying out and sleeping by the pool, it was a much needed period of repose. Also, the unfeigned personlaities of the crew members made the trip even more enjoyable. Untill, we were on a stop somewhere and my brother got bit by a virulent spider and got very sick.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Unit 4 Vocab Blog

For the past 4 years my family has been affliated with Holiday Valley Ski Resort. My brother and I really wanted to go ski and snowboard over the long weekend. In order to go we had to put up a cogent argument to convince them. First of we had to ascertain what the cost for the weekeend would be. My brother and I were getting excited, we have skiied for years and are always nonchalant about the big hills. My brother is omniscient with the knowledge of what hills are were. We also always have a high esteem when we go since we've been going for so long. Every we go we have to wear helmets so we are invulnerable to a head injury. Skiing for us is like a panacea, it always makes everything better and helps me forget about my problems. I feel supercilious when I go off a big jump and land it. My parents dont like when I go off the jumps but it is a venial action and they are only mad for a short period of time.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Unit 3 Vocab Blog

It was two weeks before the Championship for my soccer team. We had just lost a game, although it was a negligible loss that we needed to delete from our minds and move on. We had to get focused to play our biggest adversary in the championship. Leading up to the week of, you could often find us musing about winning and being Champs. We were going to have a week's sojourn in New York. Little did we know about the inclement, New York winter and that we would be playing on a full sized field indoor. Our coach seemed very upset when he got to New york. We didn't know it was because of the demise of our team manager. We had to exhilarate him with the fact that we got there early before him and have been training on our own, which he loved when we did that. Before the big game he wanted to give us one more helpful hint. He set a precedent for us to follow on how to harass the other players and get them unfocused.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Unit 2 Vocab Blog

I couldn't believe it, I woke up and there was a foot of snow. I was averse to getting up and attending school. The superintendent took a cursory glance outside and saw the roads were awful. He knew we would all be belligerent if he didn't close school he would have been putting all the students in jeopardy. The amicable person he is didn't want anyone to be mad so he closed school for the day. I was beyond happy, when i woke up there was a tepid glass of tea waiting for my on the kitchen counter. As I drank my tea I sat at the table scrutinizing my schedule for the day. The fact that it was a snow day gave me a whole new impetus to plan more winter activities. I walked outside meticulously because it was so icy. I grimaced as the cold  hit me in the face. I ended up deciding I should just stay home for the day because my dad did not want me to drive although it was feasible.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Unit 1 Vocab Blog

Once upon a time there was an insidious little boy who walked around reiterating the same phrase, "oh, you just wait." Know one knew what he was talking about. What they did know was he lived in a very opulent house and he recently was bereft of his mom because she was murdered. People would always find him walking around very warily while gibing. He became very unkempt and stolid, not even his dad could get him to talk. Next thing you know one day the doorbell rang and there was an intimation left in a note form of who killed his mom. Next thing you know the person who killed her was just standing in the driveway. The boy backed up for tentative. He then gaped at the fact that the killer was right there in front of him.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Blog #2: The Lost Boy

The lost boy ended with after David switching between many foster homes he finally settled down at his true "home" the Turnbough's. He dropped out of high school so he could work because he needed money for when he was 18 and had to go love out on his own. When he turned 18 his job as selling cars stopped working out for him so he ended up going back and graduating high school and passing all his tests so he could enlist in the Air Force. As soon as his mother found out she called him and they talked for a very long time and she explained how she always wanted the best for him. This was a perfect career for David because of his love and fascination for planes. My prediction was not how this book ended up! 
     The tone in Dave Pelzer's book book is hope and optimism because there were many set backs but everyone was willing to help and get David on the right track in life. He viewed his life when he was older as the past making him the strong person he is today and that he has everything anyone could want with the love of his son.
     This book was very good! It really shows you how blessed you are in life for the little things you have and to be thankful for it all. It was very sad how someone could abuse their own child. The fast that he got out and could get help was relieving. No little boy should ever have to go through everything David went through at such a young age. I can't imagine how hard it would be to switch foster homes, meet new kids and "parents" and to become excepted by out children your age who know your a foster child. It's amazing how someone can completely change there life around for the better and have a great adulthood after having such a bad past.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Blog 1: The Lost Boy

     The quote Pat Conroy says holds true in my memoir. This is because of Dave Pelzer's childhood and him being tortured by his mom he has gotten the chance to write about. Dave has published two books about it that many people have read and learned from. Also, he has learned so much from his past and it made him the person he is today.
     So far I really enjoy this book a few years ago I read his first book A Child Called "It". This book is a little more upbeat than that one because so far it has been how he escaped his mother and gotten into foster care. Although his new life has its own new challenges it will always be better than his past. It's been hard for him to adjust and fit in with other children his age which is understandable. He gets into trouble though by trying to get attention and acceptance from his peers by stealing, running away, and helping with a fire in the school with his friend John. All this trouble it just what his real mother wants to lock him away!
     Where I'm at in the book he is in juvenile hall and has a court date shortly approaching to see if he will get locked up or let out. I think he will get let out but that his mother will try to keep getting back at him I'm not really sure how its gonna end. My guess would be that he eventually is 18 and has to figure out what the next step in his life is going to be! I also think that by then him and his mother will be friends almost not to the point he will live with her agin but that they will be able to talk and see each other again.