Friday, February 1, 2013

Unit 2 Vocab Blog

I couldn't believe it, I woke up and there was a foot of snow. I was averse to getting up and attending school. The superintendent took a cursory glance outside and saw the roads were awful. He knew we would all be belligerent if he didn't close school he would have been putting all the students in jeopardy. The amicable person he is didn't want anyone to be mad so he closed school for the day. I was beyond happy, when i woke up there was a tepid glass of tea waiting for my on the kitchen counter. As I drank my tea I sat at the table scrutinizing my schedule for the day. The fact that it was a snow day gave me a whole new impetus to plan more winter activities. I walked outside meticulously because it was so icy. I grimaced as the cold  hit me in the face. I ended up deciding I should just stay home for the day because my dad did not want me to drive although it was feasible.

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