Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lovely Bones Blog #3

The ending of this book definalty was positive. Alothough I wish they caught Mr. Harvey I still enjoyed the ending. Specially how the title even tied into the end how "Lovely Bones" aren't necssarially Susie's bones but are the connections created since she has been gone with her family members and close friends. It was a relief when Abigail went to visit Jack in the hospital and decided to put everything in the past and come back to the family she always loved. Even though Buckley was upset and angry at her I think it is still best she came back she will just have to earn there trust and love back since she lied and left them in such a hard time. Also, it was good to realize they are were moving on which was really showed when Abagial got home from the hospital and went into Susie's room and whispered "I love you Susie" because this made Susie realize Abagails time away showed her love for Susie wasn't destorying her. Susie and her family will always love eachother and think of one another but it is more peacefull now that they have accepted it and left her beind. Now Susie can see things in the world without her in it and is more accepting of all that happened. Overall the ending was pretty good how it brought it together in a peacfull manner. I think the author choose to end the book like this one, to leave us hanging a little on the whole Mr. Harvey not getting caught part and who knows where he went now and two, too bring it together in a happy, releaving ending basically. The impact the ending has on me is almost a relief that everyone in her family including Susie up in heaven can move on with life and be happy and almost free again not being yanked at by the what if's and still attached to Susie and now that they all let go they can all be together.