Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lovely Bones: Characters

Susie the main character has gone through a lot being raped and killed would completely change someone. I think now that she is up in heaven she is almost anxious to see what everyone on earth finds out about her murder and if they will ever find out who exactly did it! Mr. Harvey who killed Susie comes off as a nice friendly neighbor who is kinda weird but in all reality is an awful person. How could you just rape someone and kill them! A sweet innocent girl like Susie who he never even had actually met and talked to before and she did nothing wrong to him at all! Then there is Susie's family her dad who is determined to find out where her daughter is and what happened and her mom who is devastated at what happened. Her sister is upset at all it but just kinda quite and strong in her own way! I like all the characters so far but Susie is my favorite.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lovely Bones Blog 1

This book so far is a hard read. The topic is just tough. I think it's really good so far it's a little much in the beginning when it explained the whole murder. I can't even imagine being in Susie's place there was no way out he had her trapped in the ground and raped her then killed her and took her away in a bag. I think it was very smart for him to plan this so it would snow and cover all the evidence, and how he just like caved the hole in like it wasn't even there so no one would ever know. It made me mad that he was easily able to just dump her body in the safe in the hole so now all evidence is gone besides the charm bracelet he dumped and the knife he has still with her blood on it.The way Susie see's everything from her heaven is really neat. It has to be annoying how she see's where all the evidence is and can't tell her family and police also how her dad built that tent with Mr. Harvey and she couldn't warn him. I think somehow they will eventually find out that Mr. Harvey killed her.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

End Blog Water For Elephants!

I think it is crazy that when marlena makes dinner for everyone for having a good show that August all the sudden accused her and Jacob for having an affair and then everything falls apart and they all fight. That was so wrong for August I think since he doesnt know anything for sure its all just what he thinks.Then it is very sad when Jacob ends up not getting picked up for the circus and not being able to go...and right after he finds out Rosemary isn't working at the nursing home much longer. She was his only friend there who he trusted and could talk to. After everything he has been through this would be really hard losing her and being stuck in the nursing home with everyone else. I love how Jacob is like protecting Marlena from the August and they are becoming closer because Jacob is much better for her and wont hurt her. It gets really good when they find out Marlena is pregnant, Al gives Marlena back to August and says Jacob is out of time and needs to leave and not be seen anymore. Then when Rosie murders Jacob I for sure thought Jacob was going to I was so surprised when this happened!! I was so hapopy when Jacob and Marlena get married i wanted them together the whole time!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Blog 2: Water for Elephants

I really dont like August and Marlena. I wish Jacob would have her like he wants. Also, how August is so rude to the animals. For example when he has Rosi preform last minute with Marlena when they havent even practiced at all and the way he get her to obey is by hurting her. I think that is awful animals cant say anything for themselves and for someone to take advantage of them is sad. I really want Jacob to start working with Rosi to I think he would be much better and he actually cares about her and the other animals unlike August who really shouldn't even be working there in my opinion.