Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lovely Bones: Characters

Susie the main character has gone through a lot being raped and killed would completely change someone. I think now that she is up in heaven she is almost anxious to see what everyone on earth finds out about her murder and if they will ever find out who exactly did it! Mr. Harvey who killed Susie comes off as a nice friendly neighbor who is kinda weird but in all reality is an awful person. How could you just rape someone and kill them! A sweet innocent girl like Susie who he never even had actually met and talked to before and she did nothing wrong to him at all! Then there is Susie's family her dad who is determined to find out where her daughter is and what happened and her mom who is devastated at what happened. Her sister is upset at all it but just kinda quite and strong in her own way! I like all the characters so far but Susie is my favorite.

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