Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lovely Bones Blog 1

This book so far is a hard read. The topic is just tough. I think it's really good so far it's a little much in the beginning when it explained the whole murder. I can't even imagine being in Susie's place there was no way out he had her trapped in the ground and raped her then killed her and took her away in a bag. I think it was very smart for him to plan this so it would snow and cover all the evidence, and how he just like caved the hole in like it wasn't even there so no one would ever know. It made me mad that he was easily able to just dump her body in the safe in the hole so now all evidence is gone besides the charm bracelet he dumped and the knife he has still with her blood on it.The way Susie see's everything from her heaven is really neat. It has to be annoying how she see's where all the evidence is and can't tell her family and police also how her dad built that tent with Mr. Harvey and she couldn't warn him. I think somehow they will eventually find out that Mr. Harvey killed her.

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