Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lovely Bones Blog #3

The ending of this book definalty was positive. Alothough I wish they caught Mr. Harvey I still enjoyed the ending. Specially how the title even tied into the end how "Lovely Bones" aren't necssarially Susie's bones but are the connections created since she has been gone with her family members and close friends. It was a relief when Abigail went to visit Jack in the hospital and decided to put everything in the past and come back to the family she always loved. Even though Buckley was upset and angry at her I think it is still best she came back she will just have to earn there trust and love back since she lied and left them in such a hard time. Also, it was good to realize they are were moving on which was really showed when Abagial got home from the hospital and went into Susie's room and whispered "I love you Susie" because this made Susie realize Abagails time away showed her love for Susie wasn't destorying her. Susie and her family will always love eachother and think of one another but it is more peacefull now that they have accepted it and left her beind. Now Susie can see things in the world without her in it and is more accepting of all that happened. Overall the ending was pretty good how it brought it together in a peacfull manner. I think the author choose to end the book like this one, to leave us hanging a little on the whole Mr. Harvey not getting caught part and who knows where he went now and two, too bring it together in a happy, releaving ending basically. The impact the ending has on me is almost a relief that everyone in her family including Susie up in heaven can move on with life and be happy and almost free again not being yanked at by the what if's and still attached to Susie and now that they all let go they can all be together.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lovely Bones: Characters

Susie the main character has gone through a lot being raped and killed would completely change someone. I think now that she is up in heaven she is almost anxious to see what everyone on earth finds out about her murder and if they will ever find out who exactly did it! Mr. Harvey who killed Susie comes off as a nice friendly neighbor who is kinda weird but in all reality is an awful person. How could you just rape someone and kill them! A sweet innocent girl like Susie who he never even had actually met and talked to before and she did nothing wrong to him at all! Then there is Susie's family her dad who is determined to find out where her daughter is and what happened and her mom who is devastated at what happened. Her sister is upset at all it but just kinda quite and strong in her own way! I like all the characters so far but Susie is my favorite.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lovely Bones Blog 1

This book so far is a hard read. The topic is just tough. I think it's really good so far it's a little much in the beginning when it explained the whole murder. I can't even imagine being in Susie's place there was no way out he had her trapped in the ground and raped her then killed her and took her away in a bag. I think it was very smart for him to plan this so it would snow and cover all the evidence, and how he just like caved the hole in like it wasn't even there so no one would ever know. It made me mad that he was easily able to just dump her body in the safe in the hole so now all evidence is gone besides the charm bracelet he dumped and the knife he has still with her blood on it.The way Susie see's everything from her heaven is really neat. It has to be annoying how she see's where all the evidence is and can't tell her family and police also how her dad built that tent with Mr. Harvey and she couldn't warn him. I think somehow they will eventually find out that Mr. Harvey killed her.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

End Blog Water For Elephants!

I think it is crazy that when marlena makes dinner for everyone for having a good show that August all the sudden accused her and Jacob for having an affair and then everything falls apart and they all fight. That was so wrong for August I think since he doesnt know anything for sure its all just what he thinks.Then it is very sad when Jacob ends up not getting picked up for the circus and not being able to go...and right after he finds out Rosemary isn't working at the nursing home much longer. She was his only friend there who he trusted and could talk to. After everything he has been through this would be really hard losing her and being stuck in the nursing home with everyone else. I love how Jacob is like protecting Marlena from the August and they are becoming closer because Jacob is much better for her and wont hurt her. It gets really good when they find out Marlena is pregnant, Al gives Marlena back to August and says Jacob is out of time and needs to leave and not be seen anymore. Then when Rosie murders Jacob I for sure thought Jacob was going to I was so surprised when this happened!! I was so hapopy when Jacob and Marlena get married i wanted them together the whole time!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Blog 2: Water for Elephants

I really dont like August and Marlena. I wish Jacob would have her like he wants. Also, how August is so rude to the animals. For example when he has Rosi preform last minute with Marlena when they havent even practiced at all and the way he get her to obey is by hurting her. I think that is awful animals cant say anything for themselves and for someone to take advantage of them is sad. I really want Jacob to start working with Rosi to I think he would be much better and he actually cares about her and the other animals unlike August who really shouldn't even be working there in my opinion.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Water For Elaphants: Blog 1

The book starts off good right from the beginning where Jacob see's a girl murder this man yelling at her when all the animals are loose. He tries to erase what happened out of his memory. If that was me I could never just forget about a murder I saw happen right in front of me. We meet Jacob who is the narrator and find out he is 90 and he tells us all the problems with aging. Jacob from his nursing home sees a circus being set up which puts him in the past and remembering his past circus experience and then remembers his dead wife and gets sad. When he was a senior both his parents died. I don't know what I would of done like him I would have felt so alone and lost. This is the start to all his circus memories. He was so lost and alone he left and ended up on a circus train and takes a job with all of them. So far this book has really grabbed my interest I can't imagine being in Jacobs position and I am excited to see how he went about with his life and how the circus will work out for him.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Sister's Keeper book project!

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My Sister's Keeper Blog 2

This book got really good. Anna tells us that Kate asked her to not give away the kidney. Which I think is crazy basically telling her sister she doesn't have to donate to her and she will just die. But Kate had wanted to commit suicide rather than keep on living in misery. She knew that it would kill her mom if she killed herself. I can't imagine being in this position. Also Anna wins the lawsuit, but on the way home from the court she gets in a horrible car crash and dies. The lawyer knew that Anna loved her sister and would do anything for her so he gives permission for the kidney to be used to save Kate's life. Kate becomes more healthy and starts teaching a dancing class. Her dad started drinking after Anna died but then fixed that and her brother became a policeman. 

Final Quarter Blog

The first quarter I really enjoyed this class and did well. I used my class time wisely and got my work done. I paced my time also so I would get everything done on time. I spent a lot of time on my project to make sure it looked right and everything was completed that I said I was going to do.
Even though things wet pretty well there are always things i can improve on. I think one main thing I could improve on is in my project to make sure I show an understanding of the book I read and to make it a little more detailed. Also to make sure I follow the calendar and don't miss ay blogs or little assignments. My goals for next semester are to keep an A in the class. To also, pick projects that are more challenging to me. I also want to make sure I follow the calendar and am not missing any little assignments due.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Blog 1: My SIster's Keeper!

In Jodi Picoult's book My Sister's Keeper, Kate has leukemia and was the reason her younger sister Anna was born. Her parents had her conceived as a bone marrow match for Kate to save her life. Reading this book I keep putting myself in Anna's position. I honestly have no idea what I would do. I see both perspectives where Anna believes its not fair to her and then where it is her older sister and she wants to do everything she can for her to live. This has to be so stressful on Anna for many reasons. If i was her even if my parents loved me and all I would still almost feel used. Like they just had me to save my sister they don't actually care about me. I could see how her thinking that too could lead her to want to get help so she has the right to her own body. That would be awful undergoing all those surgeries, transfusions, and shots! She is always in the hospital and there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. It is just such a hard situation on all of the family, parents, both girls and their older brother Jesse.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

The 5 People You Meet In Heaven: blog 1

The first person Eddie meets is Joseph Corvelachick known as the Blue Man. He taught Eddie a very good lesson. It is that there are no random acts. That we are all connected. That you can no more separate a breeze from the wind. He taught him this lesson because little did Eddie know that something he did as a child was the reason of Joseph's death.

It's crazy to think about this because I know as a kid I've ran out in the street after a ball in front of a car. Also just everyday things you do you have no idea who else and how it is affecting someones life. I agree to a point were all connected like Joseph said but only in a certain way as of what one may do can affect any one no matter if they are friends, family or strangers you never know.