Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Water For Elaphants: Blog 1

The book starts off good right from the beginning where Jacob see's a girl murder this man yelling at her when all the animals are loose. He tries to erase what happened out of his memory. If that was me I could never just forget about a murder I saw happen right in front of me. We meet Jacob who is the narrator and find out he is 90 and he tells us all the problems with aging. Jacob from his nursing home sees a circus being set up which puts him in the past and remembering his past circus experience and then remembers his dead wife and gets sad. When he was a senior both his parents died. I don't know what I would of done like him I would have felt so alone and lost. This is the start to all his circus memories. He was so lost and alone he left and ended up on a circus train and takes a job with all of them. So far this book has really grabbed my interest I can't imagine being in Jacobs position and I am excited to see how he went about with his life and how the circus will work out for him.

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