Thursday, October 25, 2012

Final Quarter Blog

The first quarter I really enjoyed this class and did well. I used my class time wisely and got my work done. I paced my time also so I would get everything done on time. I spent a lot of time on my project to make sure it looked right and everything was completed that I said I was going to do.
Even though things wet pretty well there are always things i can improve on. I think one main thing I could improve on is in my project to make sure I show an understanding of the book I read and to make it a little more detailed. Also to make sure I follow the calendar and don't miss ay blogs or little assignments. My goals for next semester are to keep an A in the class. To also, pick projects that are more challenging to me. I also want to make sure I follow the calendar and am not missing any little assignments due.

1 comment:

  1. Your goals are solid! Sometimes it's those little details that get the best of us. I am glad you are enjoying the class and I look forward to your more challenging assignments. When it comes to understanding the books, you can always look at some literary criticism online OR ask me :o)