Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Unit 5 Vocab Blog

It was one week untill spring break. In order to get ready my parents handed me a chore list. I was discrepant against the list because I was mad my brother didnt have to help. Next thing I know they changed it so my brother and I were both forced to assent to my parents chore list. We not only completed the list, but were praised for our chlvalrous act of cleaning the whole house. Next, my brother was begging to bring a friend along on our cruise. The friend he wanted to bring never really talked much because he was diffident. When he would join in a conversation we would all be impressed with his facile use of unusual words considering he rarely ever talked. It was finally the day we started our drive to florida. When we arrived and got out of the car the pungent smell of the ocean just got me even more excited. The moment was finally here, as soon as all the passengers embarked, the cruise ship was on its way. The best part was laying out and sleeping by the pool, it was a much needed period of repose. Also, the unfeigned personlaities of the crew members made the trip even more enjoyable. Untill, we were on a stop somewhere and my brother got bit by a virulent spider and got very sick.

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