Friday, February 8, 2013

Unit 3 Vocab Blog

It was two weeks before the Championship for my soccer team. We had just lost a game, although it was a negligible loss that we needed to delete from our minds and move on. We had to get focused to play our biggest adversary in the championship. Leading up to the week of, you could often find us musing about winning and being Champs. We were going to have a week's sojourn in New York. Little did we know about the inclement, New York winter and that we would be playing on a full sized field indoor. Our coach seemed very upset when he got to New york. We didn't know it was because of the demise of our team manager. We had to exhilarate him with the fact that we got there early before him and have been training on our own, which he loved when we did that. Before the big game he wanted to give us one more helpful hint. He set a precedent for us to follow on how to harass the other players and get them unfocused.

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