Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Unit 6 Vocab Blog

Prom was arriving very soon. Although it was at an inoppertune time for me considering I will have soccer games all weekend I was still excited. I did find solace when my coach told me that prom day our game was in the morning.  My dress hunt this year did not go very well it was ironic that the store I walked in had a musty smell and all the dresses inside were all old and out dated. I decided to have  my mom make my dress this year. Before she started on it we premeditated exactly how she was going to make it. It was comprised of silk fabric and jewels. She had to sew it together carefully with deft fingers. I was impressed by the stately process she finished the dress with. When the dress was finally done I was so happy. It was like reaching the pinnacle of success for my mom when she finally finished it. The last thing I needed to do before prom was venal someone in my group into asking my best friend so we could be together.

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