Monday, March 11, 2013

Vocab Blog Unit 7

When we arrived at practice on Monday the first thing our coach said to us was we had a renegade on our team. We were all so confused until he told us one of our forwards quit our team and went to our biggest rivals team, OP Eagles. As soon as he said that our team broke out in vociferous chaos we didnt get it, why would she do that to us? The news left us extremly somber and upset. Our coach was an extreme martinet so this did not make him happy. He told us she was going to text us and discern the truth to us why she left, but we absolutly abhored her now so there was no point in her trying to talk to us. Later we dound out her college coach had a big implicate in her decision. Now that she was off the team we had to inter our feelings and not let them affect us anymore. Also, we would have to amend our line-up so we would come out as strong as possible and even better than before.

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