Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Blog 1: The Lost Boy

     The quote Pat Conroy says holds true in my memoir. This is because of Dave Pelzer's childhood and him being tortured by his mom he has gotten the chance to write about. Dave has published two books about it that many people have read and learned from. Also, he has learned so much from his past and it made him the person he is today.
     So far I really enjoy this book a few years ago I read his first book A Child Called "It". This book is a little more upbeat than that one because so far it has been how he escaped his mother and gotten into foster care. Although his new life has its own new challenges it will always be better than his past. It's been hard for him to adjust and fit in with other children his age which is understandable. He gets into trouble though by trying to get attention and acceptance from his peers by stealing, running away, and helping with a fire in the school with his friend John. All this trouble it just what his real mother wants to lock him away!
     Where I'm at in the book he is in juvenile hall and has a court date shortly approaching to see if he will get locked up or let out. I think he will get let out but that his mother will try to keep getting back at him I'm not really sure how its gonna end. My guess would be that he eventually is 18 and has to figure out what the next step in his life is going to be! I also think that by then him and his mother will be friends almost not to the point he will live with her agin but that they will be able to talk and see each other again.

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